LUSC Sustainability Efforts: Previous 12 Months:

It’s been a year since our sustainability sub-committee came together to ensure sustainability is addressed in everything that we do here at the Laurieton United Services Club (LUSC).

The establishment of the committee signifies the LUSC’s commitment to building a sustainable future for our workers, members and the community, by being proactive in maximising the positive and minimising the negative impacts that our business has in relation to sustainability.

The list below are some of the changes we have undertaken over the past 12 months towards ensuring a sustainable future.

  • Created a Sustainability Policy to guide the business towards operating sustainably.
  • Held a community event ‘Regenerating Australia’ to promote sustainable practices within the community.
  • Supported the establishment of the Laurieton foreshore Hastings Landcare group.
  • Complied with the NSW government's plastic ban.
  • Introduced vegan options on our menu to support our members wanting to reduce their footprint on the planet by eating less meat.
  • Reduced our waste by being mindful of purchasing options and removing single-use condiment packaging from our bistro.
  • Introduced JR Richards green bin collection to our business.
  • Replaced the LUSC front windows to those that are glazed and non-opening, to increase our air-conditioning efficiency and overall energy consumption.
  • Painted the exterior of our LUSC building in weather shield paint to reduce heat absorption in Summer (potentially reducing the strain on air-conditioning and energy consumption).
  • Installed a monitor in our LUSC & KCC foyers displaying the solar output of our roof-top solar panels for our members interest.

These changes are on top of those the club had previously put in place over the past decade, including 90% of the LUSC roof covered in roof -op solar panels (400 panels to be exact!), providing a third of LUSC’s energy usage, plus another 300 panels at KCC. Also, the installation of water tanks and hybrid equipment (petrol & electric) at KCC.

Overtime we will continue to introduce further sustainability measures to reduce our footprint on the planet and ensure that we ‘“meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (United Nations, 1987).

The Club recognises that sustainability is about impact and the integration of environmental health, social equity and economic vitality to create a thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient business, and in turn the community in which it operates. It also acknowledges that the practice of sustainability recognises how these issues are interconnected.

Laurieton Landcare Group

Under the banner of Laurieton United Services Club and with support from Hastings Landcare and Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, a new Landcare group has been formed to regenerate the bushland along the foreshore between the Stingray Creek and Dunbogan bridges.

The group was formed in response to mounting concerns about serious weed invasions along the riverbank. Starting work on the 28th April, a group of committed volunteers has already removed hundreds of mature winter sennas and cleaned up may other weeds.

Current project leaders Robyn Camozzato and Sue Baker from Hastings Landcare said, “Over seventy weed species have been identified along the foreshore, many of these are serious weeds. Several such as morning glory vine, lantana and winter senna are transformer weeds. In other words, they alter the habitats in which they grow, ranging from the soil chemistry, the abundance and mix of native plants, the diversity of plant layers and food sources for native animals and birds. Morning glory eventually smothers trees to the point where they die.”

"It is amazing what you find in terms of native when you look into some of the areas. For example we have found two beautiful but degraded patches of endangered littoral rainforest.”

Robyn and Sue stressed that the task ahead is mammoth and will take many years. They are appealing for more volunteers to deal with the number of situations needing urgent attention to improve and protect habitat health. While a major blitz on morning glory will occur in July, the group is currently working on Friday mornings plus the last Sunday of each month.

Why not come along and help to restore the natural beauty and health of our iconic river?

Email for information.