May 31, 2024

The Military Veterans Golf Challenge, scheduled for Sun 02 Jun, has been postponed. The decision to reschedule the event to Sun 20 Oct was made in light of the forecast predicting heavy rainfall that could affect the course conditions and the overall experience for participants. The RSL Sub Branch, along with LUSC and KCC, decided to err on the side of caution to ensure a successful and enjoyable event for all involved.

Rescheduling the event will prevent any last-minute cancellations due to inclement weather, which could inconvenience traveling participants and affect catering arrangements. The aim is to provide a memorable experience for both members and visitors, and postponing the event will allow for better planning and preparation to deliver a top-notch Golf Day on the new date.

While the decision may disappoint some, it was made with the best interests of everyone involved in mind. The organizers are committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants, and by rescheduling the event, they aim to create a positive and successful experience for the Military Veterans’ Golf Day 2024. Stay safe during the upcoming wet weather and mark your calendars for the new date on Sun 20 Oct.