LUSC is thrilled to announce the continuation of our enduring sponsorship partnership with the esteemed Camden Haven Netball Club. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Club this year!

March 25, 2024

LUSC is excited to announce the continuation of our sponsorship partnership with the prestigious Camden Haven Netball Club. This enduring partnership reflects our commitment to supporting local sports and community organizations. We are looking forward to another great year of collaboration with the Club.

The Camden Haven Netball Club has a strong reputation for fostering talent and promoting sportsmanship among its members. As a sponsor, LUSC is honored to be a part of their journey and contribute to their success both on and off the court. We are excited to see the Club excel in their upcoming events and competitions.

Our partnership with the Camden Haven Netball Club allows us to engage with the local community and support grassroots sports. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote a healthy and active lifestyle while also building strong relationships within the community. We are proud to be associated with such a reputable and esteemed club.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights from the Camden Haven Netball Club as they gear up for an exciting year ahead. LUSC is proud to stand by their side and support their endeavors in the world of netball. Let’s cheer on the Club as they continue to strive for excellence on the court.