Wendy Matthews’ talent lauded through her collaboration with Oz music’s greatest

February 21, 2019

– by Vickii Byram

Canadian born Wendy Matthews grew up listening to the eclectic collection of her parents ’60s music.

“They liked all different types of music,” she says. “My father brought a Joni Mitchell album into the house and that was it for me, I loved it.”

She also credits her art teacher in grades 6 and 7 for playing records and talking about music during art class. “Music was never a school function. I never took any interest in playing, I was just a listener.”

Her early influences were female songwriters. “Their poetry was amazing. Aretha Franklin, the prowess and joy of her voice. It’s not so much the material, but they were all so different. Some were incredible poets, some wonderful singers, some gave us happy pop songs to clean your house by.” ​

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