Rotary Club of Laurieton hosts fundraiser for gynaecologist Ray Hodgson’s Nepal hospital

April 6, 2019
  • by Laura Telford

​Building a hospital in rural Nepal sounds like a mammoth task and fundraising more than $500,000 to build a Mothers and Babies Hospital in Nepal sounds insane.

However after travelling to and from Nepal for almost ten years, specialist gynaecologist Dr Ray Hodgson or Dr Ray – as he is known by all – and his team wanted to do more than just temporary health camps.

And so the idea of a specialist hospital was born.

“The idea for the hospital first arose four years ago when we were working in the typical dilapidated buildings in the district of Dholakha,” Dr Ray said.

“We were aware of the appalling state of women’s health in Nepal, and over the previous four or five years we’d been patching up these problems with surgical camps in various parts of the country.

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