ClubGRANTS is one of Australia’s largest grant programs, providing more than $1000 million in cash each year to a variety of worthy causes across NSW. Last year the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local ClubGRANTS Committee contributed over $358,000 to our local region through this grant process.

ClubGRANTS is designed to support the provision of front-line services that support the disadvantaged in the community, so they are in a better position to benefit from financial contributions. The local Clubs in the region who are eligible, contribute funds from their Category 1 allocations to this grant process.

ClubGRANTS Category 1 provides for expenditure on specific community welfare and social services; community development projects; community health services and employment assistance activities.

Projects or services that are eligible for funding should be targeted at supporting the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community; and aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.

The Port Macquarie-Hastings Local ClubGRANTS Committee is encouraging all community organisations and groups dedicated to the welfare of our local community to apply.

All applications must be submitted online via the ClubGRANTS web-based application process via:

Groups seeking in-kind support from their local Club or funding from Category 2 allocations should apply directly to the Club NOT through this process.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the chair of the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local ClubGRANTS Committee, Jenny Edmunds, via email: or phone 6588 7221.

Please refer to the ClubGRANTS Guidelines to assess the eligibility of your project or service. The guidelines can be found at:

All applications will be assessed by the Local Committee, which comprised local club, council, and community representatives, and advised of the outcome prior to 24 June 2022.
Application Submissions